Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thank you son, I'm so proud!

Today was one of those days where my plans for the day were benched. A close friend needed hugs, a shoulder to cry on and a sounding board.  When she arrived I could tell we needed some Mummy chat time and my son who loves to talk the ears off my friends was excited to have a new set of ears and was keen to start his epic tales.  So I asked him (and bribed him with snacks) to go play in his room, watch a DVD or TV and said that us Mum's needed some private chat time.  

He was perfect, and quiet .... He had a book.  A BOOK! He was laying up on his bed, no TV on, no DVD, no toys, no mess everywhere.  He had a book. Jedi Academy (book 2). Wow that has only ever happened once before (voluntarily picking a book and wanting to read - and read it by himself with no help).

I was able to talk with my friend and was hopefully able to help her through things and be supportive like she always has been for me.  No interruptions, it was nice to have that time to concentrate on her and not be splitting your attention in two. 

When she was leaving he came out to show me the progress in the book.  I was stunned at how far he had read. We had read the first book in the series together and he had loved it. Apparently he wanted to see what happened next so decided on reading the book rather than watching TV. 

He sat and retold the parts he had read.  He admitted he had to read lots of parts a few times each to understand it (he has limited comprehension from reading, but amazing recall from verbal delivery) and knowing that he did that, didn't cry or get frustrated or come out to ask for help was a huge thing and I am so very very proud!  

Thank you son for giving Mummy space today, for showing initiative, for persistence and for doing so well!  Thank you also to the Jedi Academy who obviously have stronger Jedi mind trick powers than I gave them credit for ;)  May the force stick around and be with us for a long time to come! 

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