Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day!

So today is Shrove Tuesday and for us that means PANCAKE DAY!  We are not Christian or religious at all so the name is irrelevant to us in that regard, but today is also know as Madri Gras in many countries and also called Fat Tuesday by the French.

Whatever you call it - today through history, was about feasting on rich foods. Pancakes became a tradition along the way and so it is, that today can not be truly complete without a pancake or two ;)

So Warrior Kid and I decided to head out to our closest Pancake Manor for lunch.  While he was very traditional and went with a big stack of pancakes, syrup, ice cream (and sprinkles eewww), I had a lovely seafood crepe with a dessert pancake after.  Yum :) 

After leaving (and posing for a photo or two) we headed home and have an afternoon of reading, seeing a friend who popped over and watching a doco. 

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