Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cyclone Warning

So Central and South East Queensland are bracing for a Category 5 Cyclone in the coming day/s.  What did that mean for us?  I had no idea.  Cyclones were only ever in the North of Queensland and in the northern parts of Western Australia and Northern Territory. They don't usually venture this far south.  So in the southern end of the state, we are professionals at dealing with huge thunderstorm cells, hail, flooding and flash flooding - the words Cyclone and South East Queensland have never in my lifetime been written in the heading of weather warnings splashed all over the TV, radio and Internet. Seems a little un 'real' to be honest. In our area, we've been told to expect 2 weather systems 24 hours apart with heavy rain in both and damaging winds.  Our area is in the list of 'likely to experience flooding', just like the floods a few years ago.  

So it was time to get educated on Cyclones.  It was time to teach my son.  It was time to make plans and in doing so, ease the worries of my son who at the best of times has his anxiety disorder on top of his Aspergers and other issues.   

We researched weather.  We looked up science texts, an atlas, books on weather and climate and natural disasters.  To some this might sound like a scary overload but to a child who finds calmness in knowledge, it was quite the opposite and very therapeutic for him.  We did a house check.  We put away objects that could fly away in wind gusts.  We tied down the trampoline.  We called an Arborist to come and trim branches away from the cables near the house.  We made some lists.  We determined areas to be cleared and how many sandbags we might need (due to the neighbours poor/lack of drainage).

Planning is calming, planning is power.

This afternoon we have watched documentaries about natural disasters and are really getting into the topic of Weather.  A very informal learning day that has been FULL of learning.

Are you "Disaster Ready"?  Do you have a disaster kit?  

Warrior kid has gotten out the battery powered lanterns, spare batteries and candles (regular and LED ones).  {On a side note my house smells fantastic in a black out thanks to my lovely smelly candles LOL}

We have messaged Warrior Kid's dad to stop at the hardware store on the way home and pick up some rope and a spare tarp in case it's needed.  We have a shopping list sorted too.  He advised me we need bottled water, long life milk, cans of food and canned pet food for the animals.  He has charged his iPad and has his portable DVD player ready to go LOL.  He has charged the phone.  

It's been a busy day, not necessarily a fun day but certainly not a bad or boring one. Sometimes learning and a topic just land on you and you need to go with the flow.  

To everyone we know in the direct Cyclone Marcia path, we hope you are prepared and stay safe and hope your homes and business' are not badly damaged.  To those in the areas expecting flooding and flow on effects from the Cyclone, we hope you are also kept safe and well.

*Updated 5hrs later:  Cyclone upgraded from Cat 3 to Category 5 which are the most damaging/dangerous/powerful type.  In Australia's History these have devastated towns and families.  Please keep these families in your thoughts.

Images of Cyclones past that none of us want to see repeated but are bracing for:

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