Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I had a sick day.

When you are a Homeschooling Mum, you don't get to have a sick day.  Ok so no mum ever really gets to have a sick day, but if your child goes to school or kindy or day care then you can at least get a few hours to rest and feel like you are dying in peace. Homeschooled children are too old for day care or kindy and obviously you can't ring a local school and say 'HEY! I'm sick and am dropping my child off for a day'.  So really, there are no sick days for us.

Except today.  Kinda.  Sorta.  

I woke around midnight with a killer headache that was quickly getting to migraine status.  I took some headache medication and went back to bed.  6am thumps around and Warrior Kid wakes.  I vaguely remember him walking in and me muttering I had a headache.  

Now at this point - remember my son has Aspergers and lets be honest here, he generally has trouble thinking and planing his own daily needs let alone mine.  I'm not being nasty, just honest in that he has always struggled with daily self care needs and being independent.  

Well Warrior Kid went to the kitchen, got me a bottle of water, my jar of headache pills (don't stress he cannot open it!) and then my peppermint rub from the bathroom and brought them to me.  He then went and made himself breakfast (cereal - which a lot was spilled on the bench and so too was milk but I don't care).  He then kept himself amused and played.  (Again don't stress, the house is locked, we have two indoor guard dogs for protection, smoke alarms and he can't turn on a stove or oven or a bath tap etc and I wasn't asleep sleeping, I was resting so was still able to get up if there was a noise etc)

When I got up hours later feeling a lot better, I found him reading a book.  He said he didn't watch TV as the noise would be bad for my headache.  I thought WOW who is this independent child!!  He then asked ME what I would like for lunch.  Now he cannot cook, and struggles to pick something for himself to eat if I ask him what he wants, but he suggested some microwave meals from the freezer as that was easy for me to make.  He even went and got them from the downstairs freezer.  

So today I had a helper.  I had a child who was capable of being responsible and mature. I had a son with ASD able to focus on someone else and their needs and who was very empathetic.  I had a sick day. A real one. Kinda.  I got to rest, properly.  Not the usual 'mum rest' that involves pausing for two minutes to stop from fainting before carrying on the daily chores and looking after the needs of the children.  

It's days like this when I realise how much my boy has progressed and matured.  He is almost 10 and gee that's gone fast!  Another proud mummy day.  

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  1. That's awesome and I sure hope you are feeling better now!