Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hello, I'm a Bookaholic

Today was full of surprises.  I got a pupil free morning for a start, which rarely happens. So rather than take my 'not so chirpy today' son along with me on my errands, he got to stay at home with his father and I got the car all to myself.

We all know what that means ... LOUD, old, daggy music and lots of really bad singing in the car. My 80's and 90's stuff got some air play and was awesome.  I am sure people were staring at me as I drove past singing to Springsteen.

I was on my way to an Ebay seller to pick up a few DVD's for our classroom.  I arrived and OMG it was also a bookstore - closing down - all books clearing out!  I looked around and thought I need a trolley!  No trolleys or baskets so here I am in my crazed bookaholic state, child free (so NO whinging or needing to make sure he wasn't running off or causing drama), coming off a karaoke car high ..... soooooo many books!  Half way though my rummage, the lovely sales guy mentions that they have no eftpos (Yes he assumed by my growing pile that I was paying with card or credit or my life LOL) so off I head over to the closest ATM.

On my return, I discover that he had realised what I was after and brought out more books from the back room, that 'might be good for homeschooling'.  Really, is it that obvious I am a homeschooler LOL.  I filled two boxes.  Two big boxes.  Beautiful, old, heavy books - with that amazing old book smell.

I scored lots of Australian History, mainly reference books, as well as books on Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, Ghandi, etc. Science books like a Prehistoric Atlas, a few student text books from Jacaranda, ancient history books and even a music book to teach the recorder.  Oh I know I am going to regret the last one but it was too good to pass up!

I remembered the DVD's and found a huge pile of others, all reduced, all great.  I bought them too.

So in the end, I got 27 DVD's and 37 books.  64 items for $95.  Sure $95 is more than I intended to spend but hey, I got change from $100, I got child free, bookaholic time that was totally not planned and those are the best aren't they!

There is one hiccup in my little adventure.  Driving home I realised I am going to need another bookcase - and a magic genie to create room in the house for another bookcase LOL.  Oh well it's a good thing I live so close to Ikea isn't it!

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