Monday, 2 February 2015

NBTS Blog Hop - Meet The Students

I am taking part in the Aussie (Not) Back to School Blog Hop thanks to Our Worldwide Classroom.  This week the theme is "Meet the Students". 

I homeschool my one and only child, my son, the Warrior Kid.  He is 9, soon to be 10, and studying Grade 5.

He has a long list of disorders and health problems, so life is a challenge for him but one I am determined to help him through. We have more therapy to do this year, more hospital visits and testing to be done but hopefully a better year than the last one. I don't like describing him with his list of disorders but for you to understand why we do things the way we do, our limitations and the celebration of seemingly small success, I will. 

Warrior Kid has Aspergers, Anxiety Disorder, OCD, SPD, Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Non Verbal Learning Disorder and Auditory Processing issues amongst others.  Take a breath.  These things impact his learning, ability and social functioning. Physically he has quite severe Joint Hypermobility Disorder causing joint damage, muscle problems and breathing difficulty. We use a wheelchair on the bad days and on the 'lots of walking' days.  He also has a blood disorder that is being further investigated but restricts what he can and can't do especially in summer. 

Despite all this, he is a very clever kid, funny, full of insight well beyond his years.  

This year will be WK's 3rd year of horse riding back at Crowson Park RDA which he is looking forward to.  We have tickets ready for upcoming shows at QPAC that we love going to.  The 'plan' for our annual homeschool adventure trip is to go to Canberra to coincide with his Government studies. We got a great head start with the recent state election! 

The rest of the class includes three fur babies who like to get in on the action.  A 17 year old Mr Cat who is rather vocal and crabby.  A 5.5 year old Miss Border Collie who has higher anxiety that Seth and I combined. And a 5 year old Mr Maremma Sheepdog who is a giant sook and close companion for us both. 

So that's the class of 2015 for you.  Small but a handful!  


  1. Hello! Stopping by from the blog hop. Nice to "meet" your son. By the looks of it, you're doing an awesome job! Hope you have a great school year!

  2. Thank you! I am ALL new to this so still learning how to link things. Will get the hang of it soon hopefully!

  3. Oh you did it! Awesome. Here's to a great year ahead :-)

  4. Hi! It's lovely to meet another Aussie homeschooler and blogger! I'm looking forward to following your homeschool journey. I love that you include your fur babies in your homeschool.

  5. Suzie they are compensating for the fact I wanted a LOT of kids LOL I only got one miracle though and have 4 angel babies so my little collection of sooky indoor fur babies fills up the house a bit more ;)

  6. Wishing you and Seth a wonderful year!! Life for you and Seth is challenging I'm sure{} but Seth is blessed to have you for his mama{}

  7. Thank you Erin :) Lovely of you to say xoxo