Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bargain Buy - Australia The Story of Us

For all my fellow Aussies, tonight on Channel 7 is the much anticipated "Australia: The Story of Us".  I've had it programmed to record and am waiting excitedly for tonight.

Then a fellow homeschooling mum tells me something every bookaholic homeschooling Mum wants to hear ...... THERE IS A BOOK! and not just one, but a series. Collector's Editions.  Even better LOL. 

Where: Woolworths Supermarkets
How Much: $7.99 

When: now (I sent the other half to get one this afternoon!) and apparently each issue (of which we are told there are 4) is released fortnightly. 

I am VERY impressed with it!  It's large magazine size, 130 pages, full colour and great info!
So if you want to add this great book to your homeschool library, head to your nearest Woolworths and grab one.  Such a good price for such a great quality book.  

For those of you not in Australia, and wanting these issues, find an Aussie friend and ask them to get them for you and post, as you won't find these in stores overseas.   

Be sure to watch Channel 7 tonight for Australia: The Story of Us 


  1. Well I just got back from both Coles and Woolies and couldn't find it in either. Not happy!! Will have to keep looking.

  2. Kylie if you get stuck and want me to grab you one let me know. We have two small Woolies near us and neither had the stand, but the big Woolies did so maybe they have only been delivered to the big stores?