Monday, 16 February 2015

NBTS Blog Hop - A Day In Our Life

This is week 3 of the Aussie (NOT) Back to School Blog Hop!  Topic this week is 'A Day in Out Life'.  Thanks to Our Worldwide Classroom and Every Bed Of Roses for hosting :)  

Our Worldwide Classroom

Ok here goes! 

* Note: Our day usually starts with a bad night the night prior .... so I am going to start there!

Prior to 5am: 
3 x wake ups dealing with a crying boy suffering with his cramping again.  Meaning 3 long sessions of rubbing his legs till his cramps ease and he goes back to sleep.  The sessions usually last about half an hour, sometimes much longer.  I smell of strong peppermint foot rub so at least my sinus' are clear! 

5 am:
Man of the house is up to shower and go to work and I am woken by the alarm but refuse to get up. 

6 am: 
Dog barks to go outside.  We have no doggy door as they don't make them big enough for our giant dog aka mini horse LOL.  So I am up, barely.  Dogs go out and I am torn - do I make a cuppa and get started for the day or go back to bed.  Bed, always choose bed ;) 

7 am:
Warrior kid wakes - he slept in!!  If it's been a good night he will wake at 5am with Man of the house. So now I am up.  Really I am.

7.15 am: 
Breakfast for Warrior Kid and his morning schedule starts.  He needs an hour at least to 'vege' out and wake up and usually watches some cartoons.  I contemplate going back to bed hehehe. The Air Conditioning gets turned on and reinstates the igloo status to the house, aaahhh bliss :) 

8.30 am:
I've showered and gotten myself sorted for the day, skipped breakfast as usual (it just makes me feel sick eeww), turned on the computer and am now checking emails/facebook etc. 

9.30 am: 
Our 'School Day' officially starts and today is basic 'warm up' stuff first off with a Spelling Unit from his workbook.  It's a 4 page unit and will take us at least 1.5 hours to complete if I let it go at Warrior Kids pace, so we do parts (the essential bits) and do some spelling hangman on the whiteboard.

11 am
Breaktime and Warrior Kid has found a doco to watch on National Geographic Channel.  It goes for an hour but looks great so we have an extra long break and watch it while I do some cleaning. Warrior Kid is NOT an outdoorsy kid, and health wise cannot be out in the heat this time of year so doesn't go outside to play much during the day. 

12 noon
Doco has finished and it's lunchtime.  Warrior kid picks scrambled eggs for lunch so helps me make it.  He never used to eat lunch at school as cannot stand food that isn't cooked and warm.  Only exception being ham, cheese and carrot wraps that must be made fresh and are not soggy or cold from the fridge.  So anyway back to lunch, it's yum and then I do a quick clean up.  Downside of cooking lunch everyday is the mess and time.  Upside - it's so much nicer than a soggy sandwich! 

1 pm
Back to 'school'.  Some days I have plans for what I want to cover, other days I let Warrior Kid pick.  It depends on his mood and I find if he picks (and is in a not so motivated mood) then he will actually do the work.  So he picked Maths.  We use a great workbook called Maths Plus from Oxford University Press.  We did 8 pages of that then did some quiz work in a notebook based on times tables.  He can sit and work out a sum, but can't remember times tables off the top of his head, so we are practising a lot this month to see if his memory improves.  He had two 10 min breaks throughout - I forgot to add them in as I was sorting through books for an upcoming resource sale LOL.

3.30 pm
Reading time (free choice) - wind down time.  This is not reading as part of our literature units, but free reading where he can pick whatever he likes to read.  I try and encourage at least half an hour.  Usually on the couch or on his bed.  Today's book of choice is the "39 Story Treehouse".

4.15 pm
Warrior Kid's Dad get's home from work so it's father and son time.  I clock off for a while. Usually sitting at the PC either reading or writing this blog.  Or reading a book etc.  The boys either play video games, play outside as it's cooler, read more together, watch boy TV (yeah all the stuff I hate LOL) then have showers etc. 

6 pm (now - I've just finished typing this so the rest is the usual nightly schedule)
I clock back on duty and it's time to find something for dinner ;)  In winter I try and be more prepared and have the slow cooker on or have things for the oven etc, but in summer most meals I can make in half hour to an hour so I don't prep.  I do however need a TV in the kitchen as I keep missing Neighbours (Aussie TV Soapie for the non Aussies).

7 pm 
Dinner (and Home & Away - another TV Soapie).

8.30 - 9 pm
Warrior Kid's bedtime.

11 pm
My eventual bedtime.  I always plan on going to bed sooner but it never happens LOL  

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This is just one day - other days we are out at excursions (tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so that means a Pancake Lunch outing!), one morning a week we have horse riding, two afternoons a week we have after school activities starting this term.  Today was just what Warrior Kid calls a 'Home Day'.  

Some days we do a lot more, others a lot less.  Some weeks we are doing a block of work for one subject or theme, other weeks it's whatever my boy feels up to doing.  Some days due to my health issues, I am not up to doing lessons and sitting at our desk in the classroom so it's reading on the couch, lots of documentaries and lots of digital media learning on the iPad and laptop.  

But that's it, one day in our life.  Not too exciting ;) 


  1. Enjoyed reading about your day, I would have chose to go back to bed every time too!