Monday, 20 April 2015

The Music Bus Rocks!

Today was Warrior Kids first session with Ben from the The Music Bus. 

It was brilliant! 

Let me tell you why :) 

  1. Ben from the Music Bus is awesome.  My son has Aspergers amongst many other challenges, and Ben totally 'got it' and was so great at working out what angel to take and what challenges to give and how to instruct and be positive.  The huge anxiety that my son normally has with new things was not there today with Ben which was just so fantastic to see.
  2. The Bus is great!  Decked out with all the gear (instruments and technology), lots of space, great quality too. It was also very safe! Back doors open to let in fresh air and light but a screen is in place to keep children from falling out or running off.
  3. It's mobile!  The Music Bus comes to you!  We booked for private sessions so the Bus comes straight to our home. For groups the Bus goes to Schools, community halls etc.  VERY convenient.
  4. Support.  The Music Bus Franchisees are supported by a main office so there are printed materials like Music Books, there is a website and social media pages for information etc as well.
  5. It was easy (from a Mum perspective) as I didn't have to worry about travel, or cleaning my house or setting aside an area. I didn't have to supply anything. I didn't have to clean anything up afterwards. EASY!
  6. The biggest and best reason - MY SON LOVED IT !!!  Honestly that reason alone is enough to say it was brilliant LOL.  Our sessions are first thing on a Monday morning and a great way to start our homeschooling week. My son is in his happy zone since today's session. 

So would I recommend The Music Bus to other parents? YES, YES and a huge YES! 

From a Homeschooling Mum perspective there are some added benefits to lessons with The Music Bus.  
  • It covers MUSIC for those who are either not musically inclined, who might love music but don't know how to teach it
  • It provides instruments for those who don't have them or the other equipment (or the room for these things) for their children to use to learn to play. 
  • It comes with materials for the children who do have equipment/instruments at home to be able to practice. 
  • They have levels so you are able to keep tabs on their progress for if you need to report to your state board or distance education provider. 
* Please note: This is my own personal opinion and review and I have not been paid for this or given free incentives. 

  To wrap up, we had a very positive experience with The Music Bus and are looking forward to our next session and to having a great term learning music with Ben! 

To contact The Music Bus, check out their website and their Facebook pages:

Website -

QLD Facebook Page -

Big Ben and The Music Bus Facebook Page:

NSW Facebook Page -

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