Monday, 27 April 2015

May the 4th (be with you) is International Star Wars Day!

Here are some fun things to do as part of International Star Wars Day: 

  1. Learn about the Solar System (Science)
  2. Design your own planet or space ship (Geography, Technology, Art)
  3. Play Star Wars themed Scrabble (Spelling)
  4. Make Wookiee Cookies (Cooking, Mathematics & Reading) 

    (Hint: Google Wookie Cookie Images and check out all the VERY cool options for decorating as there are so many and some look amazing!)
  5. Write an alternate ending to one of the movies (English)

  6. Make Origami Star Wars Craft (Art)
  7. Read a Star Wars book! There are plenty, our current favourites are the Jedi Academy series. (Reading)
  8. Learn about Force! (Science)
  9. Jedi training: Make pool noodles into oversized light sabers and practice your moves! (Physical Education)
  10. and lastly .... Watch the Movies!  Film appreciation / Film Study. (Drama)

    So what are your plans for May the 4th? Make Wookie Cookies maybe? I like mine Chewy hehehe

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