Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hate Syndrome

Sadly, these days, I see more and more people I know fall victim to what I refer to as:
 Hate Syndrome.

Seemingly nice people that I once would have happily sat and had a coffee with, are now the ones I avoid.  Especially on social media.

For one main reason: their hate campaigns.

I honestly don't care what your beliefs are, your background, your political stance, your choice of lifestyle, your anything - they are your choices. No matter what they are, you live in a world full of others and you need to learn to get along! I might not agree with you, I rarely do as a matter of fact, but I don't act like a bully. I don't belittle you or call you names, but I see you doing it and it makes me angry. Whatever your message is, it makes me instantly opposed to your point of view.  So your campaign is not working. Not at all.  

In the past few weeks alone, two main topics have dominated my social media news feeds.  Vaccinations and Islam. 

Here's the deal: If you are on team PRO-VAX, great, have that stance. If you choose to call ANTI-VAXXERS stupid, idiots, and much worse, if you post links making fun of them and you lump them all in the category of extremist uninformed hippies, then all it does is paint yourself in a bad light. Have your view and share your information - but cut the mob mentality and nastiness. You end up sounding and acting worse than what your are accusing others of.

If you want to post religious and racial hate, then you'd better hope you are a perfect human. EVERY SINGLE religion has extremists. Christians included. They have all committed horrible crimes through history.  But you would hate to be judged by what they do or have done. If you want to eliminate one religion then eliminate them all. There are lovely and amazing people in this world from ALL races and religions and they are your neighbours all across the globe. Hating someone, hating a group of people does nothing positive for you, it changes you and NOT for the better. 

In the western world, we have something that YOU value, that YOU are proud of and one reason you love living here. That is the freedom to choose. Choose your own religion, which political party to vote for, which method of education your want for your children, which Dr they see, all your choices to make. You feel it is your right, and it is. Until you decide that everyone should think like you. Then you think it's ok to take away their right to choose. Or ok to blackmail them into choosing your path. Or ok to treat someone badly because you aren't saying these things to their face.

Your hate campaigns are doing only ONE thing. Making everyone dislike you. You are not winning them over, you are driving them away. You are not high on my list of people I will call to catch up with, I won't read your social media posts, I skip articles I know you've commented on. 

I don't need your Hate campaign in my life. 

I don't hate you though, but I do hope you change. Back into the caring person I thought you were. 

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