Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC Day - More to read!

Yes, I bought more books.  

But books are wonderful! 

These are all my recent additions to our ANZAC Day bookshelf that we have been reading through this week.  You will find all my other ANZAC Day themed books here

The above is a resource pack which is full of great stuff despite being a little old ;) 

This book has been hijacked by Warrior Kids father as it is so great! 

The boys brought these home from the Army "Fly-in' Day last weekend. 

This one completes my set as we already have the book on The First World War. 

This is a great find and lots of information!! 

My last purchase is another to add to the series of 'My Story" books.  We currently already have a few (listed in my first ANZAC Day post here

This week we have watched:
The Water Diviner
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
and are recording: 
War Horse

I love to see what books people have on different subjects, gives me starting points when searching for things so I also love sharing what we have found to help others :) 

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