Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! 

"EB" aka the Easter Bunny came to visit us last night.  Warrior Kid sat up late writing him a note to warn him the pets were inside and to be careful LOL 

Sure enough EB was safe and managed to leave a big stash of chocolaty goodness for Warrior Kid which will keep him going for a long time.  He is not a sweet tooth and in past years, a small Easter Egg stash has lasted him till the next Easter.  Last week I threw away a few little ones from last year LOL.  He also likes to save things.  Ah the life of an OCD ASD child hey! 

Next was Breakfast.  It is tradition in our house to have Soft Boiled Eggs with toast 'soldiers'.  So of course this year was no different. We used some massive free range eggs that barely sat in the egg cups LOL.  I got to use my beautiful Royal Albert egg cups and the boys got to use their character ones. 

Then once everyone was fed, it was time to go outside for the Easter Egg hunt. Of course it means having to take the dogs outside, as according to Warrior Kid, they are hunters and can sniff out any that he misses in the garden. Especially seeing as the grass is super long from all the rain we have had! 

So now it is a day of movies, cooking, family board games and chocolate! 
Enjoy and Happy Easter xoxo 

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