Friday, 17 April 2015

Choose you own Adventure Books - History & Maths Quest!

This type of book is my son's favourite. They present a challenge for him and for a child with very high anxiety they can sometimes prove to be very frustrating and upsetting trying to 'pick' the right path - but over all, they are his favourite.

I just got my delivery of Scholastic (Australia) Book Club catalogues and two sets that we have and love here are in there and on sale so I wanted to spread the word for other parents who might have children that love this format of books too. 


The History Quest 4 pack contains: 
Tomb of Terror
Medieval Mayhem
Minotaur's Maze 
Race Through Rome
These are history (obviously) books that teach while being fun! Each book is very colourful, 48 pages, has a glossary in the back and also a page titled "Taking it Further" with additional ways to continue their learning.  It is also very easy for the child to use as opposed to chapter style 'Choose your own path' books.  If the child has chosen the wrong path (by answering the question wrong) they are told and given a 'do over' option. Fantastic for children like mine who have high anxiety as they know there is a safety net option. 


The Math's Quest 4 pack contains:
The Cavern of Clues
The Mansion of Mazes
The Museum of Mysteries 
The Planet of Puzzles
These are obviously Mathematics based books. Again, colourful and fun! Rather than answering a history question to pick the path, they need to use their Mathematics skills to problem solve and find their way. Again there are terminology sections at the back of each book and a 'Notes for Parents' page. 

Both sets are fantastic quality. Although they have different authors, they both have the same publisher QED Publishing. 

My tip if you don't have someone you know that has access to Book Club with Scholastic, is to call them and see if you can set up your own account (they will for Homeschoolers but you need to provide a certificate of homeschool registration) or ask around in Homeschool groups.  These days Scholastic have a program called LOOP which allows families to order and pay online, AND have them delivered to your home for a small shipping fee ($4.99).  You may be able to find these on other online book stores too! Try as this searches many book sales sites and is great for comparing prices. 

I love sharing with friends when I find great books and these are some of our favourites. 


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  2. These sound perfect for my boys. What a great idea!

    1. I have never seen anything like this elsewhere so when they came up for sale again I just had to share as my son loves them. If you click on the photos from the blog they should enlarge for you to see a bit more of the details on the pages :) If you had any specific questions about content feel free to ask :) Thanks for reading!