Thursday, 2 April 2015

Book Review: The Australia Book

Written by: Eve Pownall

Illustrated by: Margaret Senior

This would be my favourite out of all the books we have bought and borrowed in our schooling journey so far. Not only is it perfect for a Right Brain Learner as it is a visual timeline of Australia's History, but it is beautifully illustrated, clear, to the point, contains the information you need and is a great reference point for the kids. 

We first came across this book at our local library. Being a book that is obviously well loved and frequently borrowed, it wasn't in great condition.  My son has Aspergers and OCD issues and likes his books new or in great condition.  I read the book to him and he loved it, but wouldn't touch it or refer to it himself so I went hunting for it to buy a copy for ourselves.  Many online bookstores have it.  A great site to use for searching is and you will often get free shipping on sites if you go via the Booko site after searching. 

Most sites sell this book for around $25-35 Australian dollars. It is a hardback book and very large (34.5cm x 25cm) with 46 pages. 

This book starts with the First Australians through to the First Fleet, Explorers, The Colonies, Gold Rush, Inventions, Transport, War, Federation and Government, Progress, Landmarks, Building works and lots more in between.  Truly the best overview I have found to engage my child. 

Most timelines are not stories. 
Children look at them and are just staring at facts with nothing other than a line linking topics, no explanations. 

Most stories are not timelines.
 They describe events but often it's not clear to children how each event related to the other in time or sequence. This is the best of both. Story format that follows in a sequence giving an informal timeline. 

So if you plan on doing Australian Studies, this would be my 'must have' pick to go on your bookshelf.  It would be my starter book to read first. To give my child the overview of everything. Then I would go back to the start of the book and piece by piece take each section and expand the learning using more materials. 

This is also a great book for reading on Australia Day. 

If you decide to borrow this book from your local library or buy a copy, I hope you love it as much as we do!  Happy Learning! 


  1. Ok I didn't think I needed yet another book about Australia, but you've convince me LOL!!

    1. It's beautiful :) If you want to look at mine first then I will bring it next time I see you.

  2. Sounds like just what we need for our year on Austraia next year!

  3. You are a wealth of amazing information Kelly! Thank you again

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