Friday, 3 July 2015

Why I Don't Want to Convert Everyone I Meet to Become a Homeschooler.

I really do not want everyone to homeschool. 

Not because I don't believe in it - I do, it's the best thing we ever decided to do!

Not because I don't think you are capable - you are, even if you don't realise it.

My reasons are varied and possibly even a little selfish.

You see, if every parent homeschooled, then it would be like going out in public on the school holidays LOL  Children everywhere, loud and noisy, busy and overwhelming. The things that my son can't handle and the reason homeschooling works so well for us.  The homeschool groups would be so jam packed full that we wouldn't be able to attend.  

On school holidays we hibernate and avoid shops and parks and all things kid friendly.  We almost rejoice when it's back to school time because we are then free to enter the world and explore in peace again LOL.

Don't take it the wrong way, I love all my friends and their children who go to mainstream school and I love seeing them, but there is a very real reason why school doesn't work for my child and too many people making noise is one of them.  

I will always answer all the questions asked of me about homeschooling and I will always share all our experiences and how positive it's been. I will even suggest a struggling parent look into it when things aren't working out well in school. But I'm not going to push someone. I'm not going to tell them that homeschooling is the best and only choice to make. For us it was, but for many it is not. Simply because homeschooling is not for everyone. It is not for everyone's child, for their family unit, for their financial situation, for their own sanity even!  And that's OK! 

I get disheartened at the "us verses them" mentality that gets around where everyone is out to discredit other methods and promote their own choice. When it happens and I am judged I will surely stand up for our choice and dispute false claims. But I don't make it my mission to create the hate.  You see I think that it's great that you love what you chose, but someone else can love the opposite choice too without anyone getting into an argument. Many children thrive in mainstream schooling. I'm glad they do! I'm glad they go to school and I'm glad mine doesn't! 

I'm glad that in my country and many others, that we have options and can choose the method of education that suits our families needs.

I've been asked why I would bother 'spreading the word' about homeschooling to others, if not to convert them to it.  

For me, it's simply about awareness.  

Awareness of what's not considered the 'norm' breaks down misconceptions and removes judgement and negativity. For years I spread awareness for the health issues my son and I have been through and in the last 5 years have seen huge changes to public perception of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I truly believe that creating positive awareness results in understanding and acceptance - no matter what the issue. I want homeschooling to be understood, accepted, welcomed, valued and not feared, judged or discredited. That's why I talk about it and share our experiences. 

So while I am a homeschooler and will post all over my social media pages about homeschooling, to share how great it is for us, to promote awareness and NOT to convert the masses, in the back of my mind I'm thinking hhhmmmm .......
I'm glad not everyone home schools.

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  1. Beautiful post on acceptance of different ideals, values, and individual needs. Both of my children attend mainstream schooling and for the most part love it. I absolutely take my hat off to you though for the dedication, long hours and hard work you put into educating your son. I have wondered if homeschooling is something we may need to consider in the future for one of our children due to her health issues, or at least some sort of mixed-method as she moves to part-time schooling next term, and like you say, am so happy we live in a country where this is possible. You are the shining light of how transformative homeschooling can be to a child's life. Congratulations, and keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to many! xo