Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Embracing Surrealism with Pancakes!

They say Homeschooling Parents can find an educational angle in anything their child does.

How true!

My son has been participating in an Art Class this past term and the topic all term has been Surrealism.  Each week they'd learn about different styles and techniques and really got the kids to look outside the conventional norm when it came to art.

So I just loved, that when making pancakes the other day, my son took great delight and challenge in finding the 'pictures' within the pancakes as they cooked.  He turned them this way and that and really took on board what he had learnt.  

So can you see what he saw? 

Can you guess what he came up with? 

He found: 
A girl (side profile as you can see the nose, mouth, chin) with long brown hair, wearing headphones and listening to music. The squiggles are cartoon like representing the music coming from her headphones. 

He found: 
A meteor burning up as it approaches the earth.

He found: 
A headshot of a horse or sea horse (he likes horses best so wants it to be a horse but says the nose is too narrow so must be a sea horse LOL)

He found: 
A love heart. 

Lucky I was quick with the camera as these did not last long!  

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