Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review: More on The Adventurous Mailbox incl Teacher's Lounge

Recently we received The Adventurous Mailbox pack.

We love it. Love, love, LOVE it! 

My first review can be found here to give you information about the pack. 

We have progressed now to:
 Book 2: Taiwan
How is it?  
My son is still loving it, still wanting to read it and still keen to keep going.  
That's a great thing.  Some products you buy or are given to review just don't hold the child's attention past that initial few weeks.  However this product still 'has it' for us.  

It's taken us a while to get through book 2 as this time my son has wanted to read the whole thing himself.  The first book he was so desperate to know what was in the book that I had to read parts aloud to him to help speed through it.  This time he is still hooked but willing to go at a slower pace and read it himself with me helping with bigger words etc. For a homeschool mum, the fact that the child is willing to read it themselves (especially if they are a reluctant reader) is an indicator of a great product.  We are also covering Reading, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and English as well as Geography so it's ticking lots of boxes for me.

Book 2 is more of a "Getting to know you" book, letting us know more about the main character.  I think this is important though as it will help the child connect with the series and continue reading each of the books. Without writing a spoiler, can I also just say that my son thought it was awesome and hilarious when even how you use the toilet was covered in the book LOL.

The other very cool aspect of this product is the:
(which is free for a limited time - see SPECIAL OFFER below).  

From a visual perspective it's such a great looking area. It is uncluttered, easy to use and in logical flowing format which I liked.  The content is awesome! 

You can either download full workbooks and teacher books for each book in the series, or just sections of them depending what you prefer for your child. There are options within Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Academic Writing, Critical Thinking including projects, group work and country specific lessons.  There are links for Student Research and also links for additional lessons.  File types are in both PDF and Word format to make life easier for us Homeschooling Mums! 

The actual workbooks are clear, well laid out, have colour (but not too much to distract), have a good content level and I feel they provide what you would need from an English Curriculum perspective.  Being able to use these downloads to cover English is such an added bonus with this product.

The amount of information and material available PER country, is fantastic.  Sooooo well worth purchasing the Teacher Lounge addition.  Even better when you can get it FREE with the special offer listed below before June 30th 2015. 

For the kids (and us adults!) Crameye's World is a fantastic area of the website. There is a forum, blogs, information, music and games. You can download the books as eBooks, you can take on a writing mission and enter a contest.  My son does not see this as school work yet he is learning and having fun which is why I love this product so much.

To view the contents of Crameye's World, you can use a visitor login. I don't know of many websites that you can look around before paying so a great initiative by the creators. 
Use 'visitor' for the username and 'TouristVisa' for the password.  
While you cannot download anything under the visitor login, you can at least get to see what is on offer.

Look out for our next instalment in coming weeks, when we get through Book 3 and tackle some workbooks! 

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