Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review: Australian Organic Schools Website

For anyone looking for a fantastic curriculum addition to teach their child all about gardening and organics (and covering subjects like Science, Health, English etc) - then check out the Australian Organic Schools website. 

Firstly - it is FREE !!!!! 

As a Homeschooler, sign up as a Teacher.  Once you have logged in, in the Teacher section, scroll down to "Your school garden" and click on it. You will then see 7 units: 

When you open/click each unit, you will be able to select from:
Background Information, 
Lessons and Activity Sheets, 
and Extra Resources.

  The activity sheets even have a page with solutions (answer page) which is extra helpful for us parents!

I will warn you - if you decide to print out everything in each Unit .... it is a LOT of printing.  It's fantastic though so I printed it all for a folder. 

I was expecting something very basic but what I found was very comprehensive!  Everything from bees to compost, ph levels to pests, protection from the elements and weeds.  As a parent, this taught me a lot and will be our 'go-to' guide.  Honestly I can't express just how much I LOVE this website and these units.  Don't just have a quick look, open the links and read the pdfs.  The amount of information in them is great, they are set out so well and are easy to read and follow. In some units there are even links to videos for the kids to watch. 

Even if you are not a green thumb, there are some great resources to add to your kitchen files.  My favourite print out is the "What's in Season?" file which you can find in the Canteen section.  I also love the Traditional Remedies and Organic Pest Control files which you will find in the Teaching Units (Unit 6, in the Extra Resources section).

I just wanted to add that this review is not a paid review. It's just a personal review of a product we love and have found useful and which I think more people need to know about! 

Hope you love the website as much us we do! 

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