Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Week 1 Making Sessions: Building a Toolbox

This morning we went to our local hardware store (Bunnings) with a group of other homeschooling families.  Usually there are craft activites and to be honest, it doesn't excite my boy at all.  He isn't a crafty type. 

But today was not craft.
  It was woodwork!
  The kids got to make a toolbox and paint it to take home.

Then they got to take home the hammer they used during the construction and a homework project as well! 

Big news for us - was that my son CHOSE to use the colour GREEN to paint his toolbox.  Now that might not sound like an issue, but friends and long time readers will remember that my son (who has Aspergers) had a severe aversion to the colour green for many many years and while he is ok with it now, it's not a favourite.  So to see him pick this was really awesome!  

Next week the kids will start a long term project - making boats!  Sounds interesting and I have a rather excited son.  THIS is HIS kind of craft LOL 

As I sit here and type this, I have also just updated our weekly schedule with our new found activity - wow talk about busy weeks!

Thanks to Bunnings Warehouse, staff member Sam & homeschool mum Fiona for organising - was a great morning. 

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