Friday, 22 May 2015

Beware of HPBA (Homeschooling Parent Book Addiction)

What do you get when you cross a Homeschooling Parent with someone who is OCD and who has a love of reading?


What you get, is 
HPBA - Homeschooling Parent Book Addiction

I have always loved a good collection, I have always loved to read.  But up until I started homeschooling my child, I never mixed the two.  
Now, well I confess, I am addicted to books!  

You can never really get enough ....can you?  Surely there is always room for one more? 

Now we struggle financially being on one income so I have to say that DOES help curb the problem, as I am a great at working a budget and extra great at finding a bargain.  I HATE to think where my obsession would take me if I had unlimited funds and unlimited space for bookshelves LOL.  

However right this minute as I sit here typing my confession and thoughts for the day, I am looking a pile of new books I scored in a sale and breathing in 'book smell'.  I am in my happy place.  

I should probably join a support group but then I fear talking with other book addicts will just help expose me to new bargains and new titles I need to have so lets just not go there LOL. 

I am told I am not alone in this, most of my fellow homeschooling parents are exactly the same.  That's why I think it's an occupational hazard, a workplace health and safety risk we all need to be aware of.  They should have signs up!  

Beware homeschooling means you will suffer a life long addiction to books, knowledge and curriculum. Side effects include budget strain, storage stress, Ikea visits, online-book-site-sale-eye-strain-itis, Pinterest library photo envy, bookmark shortages, experiencing long time lapses and book smell comas.  The whole family needs to be careful not to also catch this addiction and partners in particular should be aware the rate of severe eye-roll-sigh-shake-head disorder is extremely high! 

All jokes aside though, 
I am loving my new books .... and when my partner sees them, 
the phrase "think of all the money I saved" 
will more than likely get a run.

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