Monday, 15 June 2015

Busier than ever - Homeschooling Life is FULL!

This term has been our busiest yet.  It's been our most social.

It's been our most structured AND unstructured term in 4 years. 

I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to sit for 5 minutes and write on this blog.

But that's ok.

I think it's part of the ebb and flow of day to day life. I think most homeschoolers would agree that there are busy periods, relaxed periods, cycles and patterns with learning and that we all get through the day however works best for our family.  

This term I relied heavily on daily appointment schedules, phone alarms, lists, lists and more lists, and more planners and schedules!  Not for lessons though.  I am happy to say this term it was all about being social!  A big challenge and nice change for my son who has Aspergers.  

This is a basic overview of my week:

Monday - 8am The Music Bus arrives for a one hour session. At 10am the Occupational therapist arrives for one hour.  At 12 we head to a homeschool families home for group Piano lessons for an hour then Art class for an hour followed by some play time.

Tuesday - Fortnightly we have sessions at our local hardware store where the kids make all sorts of projects (toolbox, bird house, boat etc).  The opposite fortnight we have excursions.

Wednesday - Every week we head to Riding for Disabled and my son has an hour horse riding.  By the time we drive over and back the morning is gone and we try to get errands done in the afternoon.

Thursday - We have a Science session with the Mad Scientist to do experiments etc.  Lots of learning but not structured lessons. 

Friday - is our only full 'at home' day to get into school work.

** Plus all our medical appointments that I've managed to fit around everything!**

School work for us this term (as a result of being so busy) has been a lot less formal and unstructured.  We still do bookwork and lessons on Fridays but a lot of learning has been done via reading or watching DVDs between appointments. I've noticed a big change in attitude from my son (for the better!) which has been great too.  As a result of being so social, we've needed a lot of downtime (essential for someone with ASD) and we've had a lot of other issues to deal with which has taken it's toll and meant we've needed a much more relaxed approach to lessons than we have in the past. 

As a homeschooling mother I feel conflicted.  On one hand it's been a great term, we've done a lot, made friends, attempted things we wouldn't have before and I've seen lots of smiles on my son's face.  On the other hand I am having to reel in my own anxiety and OCD over not keeping to my planned work schedule.  

I just have to remember that for us, the colder months (this term and the next) are our months of good health.  So being able to get out and be social is a good thing.  We can so more bookwork throughout the summer months when poor health means we are restricted to indoors and air conditioning at home.  

Does your homeschooling have cycles of busy months too? 

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