Friday, 29 July 2016

Another Step Towards the Mum-Redundancy

My excited boy has finally settled to sleep.
He got invited for a play day tomorrow. Which isn't a first, we've been to many over the years but it's been a 'Mum and son' catch up with another 'Mum and child'. I expected this one would be the same and was happy about that as the Mum and son inviting us are lovely. But my dear son, who at now 11yrs old has gained a tad more maturity and independence of late, asked if I was dropping him off so he could have a play day without me.
At first I thought he was asking for reassurance and checking I'd be there. Till he clarified and I realised he wanted me to drop him off and go. I have to admit, I instantly felt a little redundant right then and there.
"It's ok Mum, I want to try going on my own. You don't have to come.
I don't need you to come with me"
It's a first for us.
Many would think it was about time and a LONG time coming for an 11 year old.
But not for an 11 year old who has an ASD diagnosis. Not for a child with severe anxiety and many other medical conditions that he relies on me for. Actually this milestone crept up on me to be honest and took me by surprise.
After my son's revelation that I was not needed at his play day, I messaged my friend and told her that I think our plans of a 'coffee and chat' may be cut short as my young Mr is expecting me to drop and run. To be frank, I thought it would appear rude of me to drop off my boy and leave, as I'd never done it before. However my lovely friend embraced the idea and told me to go and have some time to myself.
MMMmmmmm time to myself.
I haven't had that in ages, you almost forget what it's like LOL.
I plan on shopping, looking at what I like and not needing to rush to get to the toy or gaming section. In reality I will probably end up in my son's favourite shops out of habit. Something another lovely friend of mine discovered recently. I think us special needs mums and homeschooling mums are a lot alike in that regard as we always have the kids with us and often forget ourselves.
So back to topic ....
tomorrow is 'Independence Day' in Mum/Son land LOL. Another step towards my Mum-Redundancy I am expecting one very excited and also slightly anxious boy in the morning. I am so very happy to be at this point and honestly for a while didn't think we'd ever get here. He's definitely morphed into a tween lately and is growing up fast.

Have a great day tomorrow my boy! I am going to try too LOL.

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