Monday, 30 May 2016

Something has to give ....

Last year I used to have time to blog.  It was my escape from things here at home and some quiet time to sit and reflect on our days.  I was never a daily blogger but I liked to at least check in weekly.  

This year however has been very different.  And I have felt a tad guilty over my lack of online presence and my lack of blog posts.  I am starting to realise though that I can't do everything and that something had to give in my life to allow me some breathing space and sadly that turned out to be my blog time.

It's hard enough being a Mum.  Doing everyday Mum stuff.
  Then I double the workload with a special needs child and all that that entails (sleepless nights (night after night after night!), on duty 24/7 for everything, hospital appointments, Dr appointments, therapy appointments, funding paperwork, funding bills and accounting, research, referrals, phone calls, chemist visits and the list goes on).  Then I add the element of homeschooling and special needs homeschooling at that - so I am teacher and teacher aide all rolled into one. Our work is slow going and my presence is needed all the time, we have very little independent working. This year I also added the role of single parent to my list. Having my own disabilities has meant that being the sole parent is very physically difficult.  All the things I struggle to do now need to be done without help and its exhausting.

I am stretched to exhaustion point and finding time to sit and blog just hasn't happened.

I now realise that despite my best intentions, and the fact that blogging is like therapy for me, it's best for me to rest. 

So while I am not giving up my blog, I am 'giving it a rest' for a while and not putting so much pressure on myself to come up with something brilliant to say each week.

Looking forward to some me time sometime soon and hopefully I will have something enlightening to post for you all! 

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