Saturday, 23 April 2016

ANZAC Day Reading for Tweens

Having an 11 year old this year, we have definitely stepped up from informative picture books which up until now have been the books we've read when covering the topic of War and ANZAC Day. 

We are now in the novel zone although not quite ready to tackle the big novels which tend to be more graphic and for a more mature Teen.

So I wanted to share the books we are reading at the moment, that you might find are the right 'fit' for your homeschooled Tween.

1. Simpson's Donkey
(by Peter Stanley)

2. My Story Series
- The Trenches (by Jim Eldridge)
- D Day (by Bryan Perrett)
- U Boat Hunter (by Bryan Perrett)
- Flying Ace (by Jim Eldridge)
- Battle of Britain (by Chris Priestley) 
- Hero at Dunkirk (by Vince Cross)
- Desert Danger (by Jim Eldridge)
- War Spy (by Jim Eldridge)

3. Gallipoli - The Landing
(by Hugh Dolan, Mal Gardiner)
* Graphic Novel aka comic book style *

4. Reg Saunders - An Indigenous War Hero
(by Hugh Dolan, Adrian Threlfall)
* Graphic Novel aka comic book style *

5. An Anzac Tale
(by Ruth Starke, Greg Holfeld)
* Graphic Novel aka comic book style in a large hardback size *

6. War Horse
(by Michael Morpurgo)

* Please note:  
ALL books containing content about war can be difficult for many children to read so when it comes to learning about war, the ANZAC's, death and violence, then it's best done with an adult. 

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