Saturday, 2 April 2016

You can kiss my Aspergers!

To all the parents currently receiving negativity and fielding complaints over their Autism Awareness posts this month, I'd like to tell you that you are awesome.

To all the people being ignorant, rude, judgemental and just a royal pain in the butt ..... well I have one thing to say to you ..... you can kiss my rather fat ASS! 
or ASSpergers in this case as well. 

The parent who has a child with ASD, and in many cases they themselves also have ASD, is being courteous this month.  They are trying to educate you on what ASD is.  They are trying to say, in a very politically correct way, that you need to pull your head out of your backside and learn what ASD is and that you WILL deal with ASD in your lifetime, whether you realise it or not, so you should do the right thing and get educated.

Dear parent of ASD kids,
I want to tell you this.  I want to tell you, that if your family and friends don't already know what ASD is, then they are ignorant and slack.  If they haven't come to you to ask about ASD, to learn what it means for your child and your family, and how they can help as your friends and your family, then why the hell not!  If you had a child with allergies or with diabetes then your family and friends would have asked what your child can and can't eat and made an attempt to include you if you went to their home for a meal. Would they not?  So shouldn't they have asked how they can accommodate your ASD child by now? YES THEY SHOULD!  If they haven't, and you are having to spread awareness and educate them every Autism Awareness Month ..... then not only are they inconsiderate and ignorant, but I wonder why they are still a part of your inner circle.  These people all have access to a library, to the internet and Dr Google, they can all pick up a phone and book a Dr appointment to ask their GP what ASD is.  So if they don't want to 'offend' you by asking they can still educate themselves.  On my journey I have learnt that not only are we born with ASD, but people can be born ignorant and no amount of effort on our part can change that.  So if you are faced with too much ignorant, save yourself the headache and walk away.  The Karma train will stop by and pick them up at some point and you can smile and wave farewell.
Warmest Regards,
ASD Warrior Mum. 

This month you have a choice.  As ASD Parents you can spread awareness and educate day after day, but remember to stay sane in the process and remember you have the choice to cut loose the ignorant people from your life.  For everyone else, you have the choice to open your minds and BE educated and pro-actively ask questions or you have the choice to shove your head back up your rear end.

Go Blue or go home.  

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  1. your insight into your child is fresh air, thank you and keep on sharing