Saturday, 31 October 2015

Jack-O-Lantern Fun

Our very 1st attempt at carving a Jack-O-Lantern into a pumpkin went well.
Apart from stabbing myself - but the child went unharmed, so we will call that a success! 

Step 1.
Being 'Newbies' to this activity, we prepared with drawing ideas for faces and then sketched the face onto the pumpkin with a pencil.

Step 2.
Cut the top off.  This isn't easy to actually get the starting point to line with the end LOL.  We were a little wonky but it all worked in the end.

Step 3.
Scoop the Goop!
This is really grose. Well it is when you have sensory issues! We were prepared with a goop bag & bucket and a goop scooper.  
The words that came out of my son's mouth when the top was lifted off was
"oooooooo brains!!!!"

Step 4.
Carving the face.
Sounds really easy. A little tricky trying to follow the pre drawn pencil markings but for a first try it worked well.  Considering I have arthritic hands I think I did ok - till I stabbed myself.  I'm ok though, child is ok so its a WIN!
Once we had the initial shapes cut out, we decided to add teeth.  This involved slicing up the pieces we'd previously cut out and then pushing the sharp end of a toothpick into it.  Obviously the toothpicks were too long so just cut them up. The size that worked best for us was about 1/3 of a toothpick.  Then just push the 'blunt' end of the pick into the flesh of the pumpkin.  This gave us creepy teeth.  We then decided to add eyeballs. Same process as the teeth (cut a shape and attach with a toothpick).

Step 5.
Add the candle to the inside, making sure it's sitting in a flat spot. Light the candle and take a photo because it looks great! 

So that's it!  Our very first Jack-O-Lantern!
I think he looks pretty good if I do say so myself and can only type this with 9 healthy fingers LOL. 



  1. Ok you guys did good! It looks awesome. I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to tackle a pumpkin LOL!!

    1. Thanks! Next year I'm going to do a family all with different melons and pumpkins :)