Friday, 16 October 2015

15 Halloween Movie Favourites for Kids

Here is a list of books and movies that we love this time of the year.  
Technically there are more than 15 movies, but I'm hoping you won't mind.

There are not a heap of movies that are specifically about Halloween, most that are available and that are loved and watched this time of year have elements that remind us of Halloween.  They are either about Magic or Witches, Ghosts or Monsters, Frankenstein or Death and the list goes on.  Many films that are simply classed as being scary make the list of Halloween Classic despite there being no Halloween content.  So when making a list of Halloween favourites, it can actually prove to be a little tricky!  

The ones I have chosen are a mix of Halloween event specific, some about Witches and Wizards, Ghosts, Monsters and Magic.  My son is 10 and these are ones we have watched together.

Cute movie in the "Buddies" franchise that has a Halloween storyline.

The Book of Life is based around the cultural 'Day of the Dead' or 'Dia de Muertos' (Spanish) which is a festival that begins on October 31st and is a celebration of ancestors who have passed. Very similar to the Pagan 'Samhain' celebration which was the foundation modern day Halloween.  I've included this movie as we love it and it's culturally a good 'Halloween' fit.

Not Halloween themed, but certainly gets you a great dose of monsters, vampires and all things spooky.  We are also looking forward to Hotel Transylvania Two coming out later this year.

#4 - Anything 'Casper'!  
Casper the friendly ghost has many movies and cartoon series and all are great family viewing. We have a few cartoon series and a few movies and they always get screen time for Halloween. 

#5 - Dreamworks & Pixar "Halloween Specials" 
like Shrek, Monsters & Toy Story given a Halloween makeover and new mini story.  These usually don't go for very long but are fun to watch anyway. They are all Halloween themed.

A classic Witch movie that I've loved since childhood. 

Great scary-ish kids movie based around Halloween and impending trick or treater danger. My son loves this one.

#8 - The Addams Family  
There is the TV series, two movies (The Addams Family and Addams Family Values) and an animated series. This is good old fashioned stereotypical monster weird family entertainment.  Not Halloween themed but great for getting in character! 

#9 - The Munsters
You can find the TV series DVD's, Munsters Movies and a newer version of the Munsters.
Not Halloween themed but with a Frankenstein type Dad, a Vampire or two, a scary witchy type mum and an odd one out blonde - it fit's my idea of Halloween entertainment.

#10 - The House of Magic
This one is also not Halloween theme specific, but there is a cool creepy old house, lots of Magic and a cat and a creepy bunny - so it makes the list LOL

#11 - The Smurfs
This one has pumpkins on the cover LOL.  The kids love it though.

#12 - Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Everyone loves Sabrina.  We do love watching the Halloween episodes this time of year but there are also multiple animated series and a movie of Sabrina to watch too. 

#13 - The Nightmare before Christmas
This is both Halloween themed and Christmas themed.  With Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween town .... says it all really! 

#14 - Coraline 
Not Halloween specific but definitely creepy and scary, and there is a black cat (that's Halloween-y right? LOL)

#15 - The Harry Potter Series !!!
Saved the best for last of course.
What can I say - Wizards, Witches, Magic, Cauldrons, Owls .... this is Halloween themed without being Halloween themed!  If we want to be technical there is a Halloween dinner scene in the first movie at least LOL.

Obviously there are PLENTY more Halloween movies but these are ones we watch at our house.  I am not a fan of really scary movies or horror movies and there are a lot I feel my son is too young to watch (and also lots for much younger children that we've outgrown), but this is what we like. 

I hope it gives you some ideas when you are looking for some screen time entertainment this Halloween.

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