Thursday, 22 October 2015

10 Halloween Books to Read

Halloween books can be hard to find.  Well they are where I live!
There are not as many flooding the market like there are with Christmas books. 
 However we have found some that we like and they always get put in the weekly reading basket this time of year. 

Here are ten books (ok more than 10), in no particular order, that you might like for reading this time of year: 

#1 - The Cemetary Dance 
A phonics reader but a good story.

#2 - Bet on It & A Hero's Journey
(Both books are from 'The Book of Life' story)

#3 - Too Ghoul for School Series
School kids and scary things - winning combo.  10 Books in the series.

#4 - Witches and Wizards
This is not a story book, more a reference book with information pages on everything from Magic, Witches, Halloween etc and activity pages. 

These are good sized novels and are about Magic & Animals.

#6 - Frankenstein
We have the Classic Starts series version (pictured here) which is abridged. You can get picture book versions for younger children too.

#7 The Buried Moon
A collection of magical stories including 'The Buried Moon', 'The Council with the Munchkins', 'Do You Believe in Fairies?', 'Shipwreck on Lilliput'.  Not Halloween themed but the stories contain witches and fairies, etc.

#8 - The Witches (by Roald Dahl)

#9 - The Worst Witch Series
Currently a 7 book series about a witch at boarding school.

#10 - The Harry Potter Series
These are a favourite in our house at any time of the year!
and the books that go with the Harry Potter series like: 
The Tales of Beedle the Baird 

There are plenty of others if you use the help of Professor Google, but these are ones we like.  A lot of children like the Goosebumps books and Skulduggery series but my son isn't into those.  There are also a lot more in stores in countries like the USA than there are here in Australia! 

Hope these have given you a few ideas if you are looking for Halloween books.

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