Monday, 8 February 2016

Activity Day Cart

One day a week this term (and maybe all year) we have all our tutoring and respite sessions.  I seemed to spend all day running back and forth to the classroom to drop off one set of supplies and picking up a new set for the next session.  At the end of the day there was stuff all over and cleaning up a classroom isn't what you look forward to at the end of a busy day and week.

So I went bargain hunting online looking for a cart/trolley.  Not as easy as I first thought as I needed it to be a certain size and you'd be surprised just how many were millimetres too small. 

I found success with a cart that actually folds up when you are finished with it, which will be perfect when I don't need it (like over school holidays etc).

On our Activity Day we have:
Art with our Art Teacher
Music with The Music Bus
Science & Technology with our respite worker (who lucky for us is a Scientist!)
and in between we work on our English/Reading.

The sessions will work on the same theme per term.

Term 1 is Technology
Art = Perspective Technical Drawing
Music = Continuing learning two instruments
Science/Technology = Coding and Programming
English = Coding Books 'How to Code 1-4', 'Coding for Beginners Using Scratch'.

Term 2 is the first of our Harry Potter Themes : Herbology
Art = Focus on Plants - Drawing/Nature Journal
Music = Learning Harry Potter theme song
Science = Plant based learning and experiments
English = Book 'Herbology', 'Plants', 'Book of Nature'.

Term 3 is Harry Potter Theme : Magical Beasts
Term 4 is Harry Potter Theme : Potions

Having the cart means my son can get all the resources he needs for each session without needing my help.  It means I can get my stuff done too!  Which is the whole point of respite after all.  

** Note: My child has special needs and this is the reason we access respite - both for his benefit and my own **

If you are looking for where to purchase these storage items: 
Wooden art caddy is from Aldi but any kitchen condiment caddy will do.
Cart/Trolley is an Ebay purchase.
White storage boxes/tubs for books are from IKEA. 


  1. This is a great idea Kelly and I can see it really making those days much easier. Love that you have everything themed to Harry Potter, my kids would dig that!

    1. It's made today so much easier :) themes help keep momentum for us and I'm as much a Harry Potter fan as my boy is so it's great lol